Workshop on Recent Advances in Algebraic Systems and Control Theory


Georgia Institute of Technology

January 23-24, 2004


In honor of Ed Kamen








Friday, January 23


10.30 11.00 Opening Remarks

11.00 11.30 Kishan Baheti (NSF)

11.30 12.00 Robert Newcomb (University of Maryland)

12.00 12.30 Yutaka Yamamoto (Kyoto University)

12.30 2.00 Lunch

2.00 2.30 Allen Tannenbaum (Georgia Tech)

2.30 3.00 Sanjoy Mitter (MIT)

3.00 3.30 Tryphon Georgiou (University of Minnesota)

3.30 4.00 Break

4.00 4.30 Christos Cassandras (Boston University)

4.30 5.00 Hector Sussmann (Rutgers University)

5.00 5.30 John Chiasson (University of Tennessee)

5.30 6.00 Michael Gazarik (NASA Langley)


Saturday, January 24


9.00 9.30 Athanasios Antoulas (Rice University)

9.30 10.00 Pramod Khargonekar (University of Florida)

10.00 10.30 John Baras (University of Maryland)

10.30 11.00 Break

11.00 11.30 Kameshwar Poolla (University of California and OnWafer Technologies)

11.30 12.00 Payam Torab (Lambda Optical Systems)

12.00 12.45 Panel discussion (Kishan Baheti, Christos Cassandras, Pramod, Khargonekar, and Allen Tannenbaum)

12.45 2.00 Lunch

2.00 2.30 E.B. Lee (University of Minnesota)

2.30 3.00 Panos Antsaklis (University of Notre Dame)

3.00 3.30 Frederick Daum (Raytheon)

3.30 4.00 Break

4.00 4.30 Paul Fuhrmann (Ben Gurion University)

4.30 5.00 Erik Verriest (Georgia Tech)

5.00 5.30 Alan Krauss (Schneider Electric)

5.30 6.00 Eduardo Sontag (Rutgers University)

6.00 Concluding Remarks



Kishan Baheti Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF

Robert Newcomb Ear-Type Systems

Yutaka Yamamoto Signal Processing via Sampled-Data Control Theory

Sanjoy Mitter Information Flow and Entropy Production in the Kalman Filter

Tryphon Georgiou Analytic Interpolation with Degree Constraint: 20 Years Later

Christos Cassandras Stochastic Fluid Models and Complexity Reduction

John Chiasson Application of the Theory of Symmetric Polynomials, Power Sums and Resultants to Power Converters

Michael Gazarik Moving into Industrial Controls: Monitoring and Control of Manufacturing Systems based on the Max-Plus Formulation

Athnasios Antoulas Approximation of large-scale dynamical systems

Pramod Khargonekar Analysis and Design of Logic Controllers for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

John Baras System Realization Theory: The Link from Physics to Systems Synthesis

Kameshwar Poolla Wireless Sensors for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Payam Torab Dynamic Adaptive Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks with General Wavelength Switching Constraints

E.B. Lee Control System Disturbance Designs

Panos Antsaklis Networking in Control and Rethinking Feedback

Frederick Daum Physics Based Computational Complexity of Nonlinear Filters

Paul Fuhrmann Observations on Observers

Alan Krauss Process Control Engineering at IBM and Arc Detection for Physical Vapor Deposition

Eduardo Sontag Monotone Systems and Systems Biology


Panel Discussion Directions in Control Education and Resaearch




This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0414149.
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